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Sinnington Community Primary School

Aims & Values

Our School's aims and values.


Here at Sinnington, we want to give every child fantastic opportunities to become independent learners and acquire skills for life.


Every child that joins Sinnington CP School will receive a warm welcome, feel part of the family and receive an excellent, rounded education.


Our School aims are:

To promote a positive learning environment, where children feel inspired, secure and happy and where all their contributions are valued.

To promote an inclusive school, where all individuals are respected and valued.

To ensure full access to the National Curriculum and its programmes of study, making creative use of the range of learning opportunities available, within and beyond the classroom, through our Project Based approach, including using modern technology to support learning.

To develop the whole child, and to foster an awareness and a respect of the wider world, other ways of life, and other religions and cultures.

To stimulate a desire for learning that will encourage life-long learning

To educate the whole child, striking a balance between academic and practical learning using teaching methods that reflect the material to be learned and their learning preferences.

To foster a close partnership between home, school and the wider community.

To celebrate local traditions, invite visitors and families to our school to facilitate the learning of new skills and the sharing of experiences.

To actively promote a healthy lifestyle.

To offer an exciting range of enrichment opportunities which reflect the aims and ethos of our school.

Our values:

This helps our children be respectful of themselves, each other, the local community and the wider world. They will be respectful of others and their beliefs, and how these have shaped the world they live in today. It helps them to learn how to act and become a good citizen now and in the future.
This enables our children to be focused on their task in hand, work hard and never give in. They will always try their best, seek help when tasks are difficult and strive to overcome their own fears. They will grow through reflection and self-evaluation and develop resilience to deal with the demands of modern life.
This encourages our children to look after one another, themselves, their families, the local community and the wider world. It encourages them to take care of the environment and to be good citizens to all and care for everything.
This motivates the children to develop their creative side whether it is in the Arts, through Projects (individual, whole school or the community) being more articulate or using their imagination. We want the children to be inspired and express themselves through a range of mediums.

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