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Dahl Class

Welcome to Year 2, 3 & 4


Our Class Teachers & Assistants:

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Miss Thompson Teacher
Mrs Ashworth Teacher
Mrs Moon Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wass Teaching Assistant

About Dahl Class

In Dahl Class, we are a mixed Year 2,3 and 4 class.


Our curriculum is taught through Project Based Learning and our projects are designed around a quality text with a key question that is answered throughout the project. Each project will include an ‘Ignition Day’ where we get to explore our new project either through a trip, guest speaker or engaging activities in the classroom.


In Maths, we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme with a Mastery approach and we undertake Whole Class Reading, having a quality text as our class reading book, which we read as a class daily.  Reading is important to us and we have a dedicated Reading area where we enjoy stories together or on our own. Writing is delivered through our projects, which gives us all a clear purpose for our writing.


Geography, History, Art and DT are all delivered through our projects and Science, RE, IT (Computing), Music, PHSE and Spanish are delivered independently through schemes of work.



In Year 2, we continue with our Phonics in a small group following the ReadWriteInc programme.  This enables the children to ensure they have no gaps in their Phonics knowledge.  The children take home ‘Book Bag Books’ matched to their current Phonetic ability and story books that they can read and share at home.


Any children who still have gaps in their Phonics knowledge in Year 3 and 4 also have specialist support with Reading and their Phonics using the ReadWriteInc programme.



In Dahl Class spelling is taught through our own bespoke programme focusing on:


• Spelling patterns with a weekly focus.

• The year specific word lists.

• A weekly test of the word family taught that week.

• A display of the pattern covered, associated words and their meanings to be incorporated in writing tasks throughout the week.



Every child in Dahl class will bring activities home to complete on a weekly basis. The children will be set new homework (please see list below) on a Friday and the expectation is this is completed and returned the following Friday. Homework will include:


• Reading a book from school or home two to three times per week.

• Weekly Maths linked to current learning.

• Weekly Spellings.

• A knowledge organiser handed out at the start of every new project (every 6 to 8 weeks). There will be a menu of activities to complete and a pre-arranged date for all completed activities to be brought back into school.

• Children in Year 6, in Rowling Class, will also bring home CPD books after Christmas to aid them with their preparation for SATs.

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Homework and Knowledge Organiser

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