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Reading at Sinnington Community Primary School


At Sinnington CP School, we are developing all children to have a Love of Reading. We feel all aspects of our reading programme - reading aloud, shared, group (Whole Class) and independent reading in conjunction with the systematic teaching of phonics, spelling and etymology should all be enjoyable.


We promote enjoyment and engagement through the creative use of high quality literature at the heart of the literacy curriculum, using the Power of Reading programme, developing teaching and learning strategies to support engagement with books and attainment in reading. This approach resonates through every other reading experience children encounter, such as our Whole Class group reading sessions and in selecting the books which we provide for children to read independently and the contexts we provide for sharing and enjoying these books.


Teachers are encouraged to think about themselves as reading role models; to promote books and reading, develop their reading environment and think about broader reading opportunities to enable children to develop their independence and read widely for purpose and pleasure across the curriculum. We actively encourage reading in and out of school.


In our school we believe that every child has the right to learn how to read – no child will be left behind; they should enjoy reading; should make progress and have the opportunity to be creative.

Reading Documents

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