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Welcome to Super Sinnington


Welcome to our Super Sinnington page. On this page you will find all the great things we do and the enrichment that we offer our children from class trips, to visitors in school to whole school celebrations, and much more.


As a school, we do as much as we can to inspire our children and provide them with a well-rounded education and experiences that will stay with them forever.


Please find below downloadable timelines of our School events and achievements.

Super Sinnington News

Document Name Date
Super-Sinnington-2018.pdfJuly 22 2020, 13:05:12
Super-Sinnington-2019.pdfJuly 22 2020, 13:05:13
Super-Sinnington-2021.pdfAugust 13 2021, 15:30:09
Super_Sinnington_2020.pdfDecember 17 2020, 16:32:54
Sports Awards & Recognition

In recognition of our participation in a wide range of sports this year until March 2020 we have been awarded a certificate for our ongoing commitment and achievement in the School Sports programme.

Super Sinnington Sport

Document Name Date
School-Games-2020-Recognition-Certificate-SINN.pdfJuly 22 2020, 13:05:25
Super-Sinnington-Sport-2019-2020.pdfJuly 22 2020, 13:05:25
Super-Sinnington-Sport-2020-2021.pdfAugust 13 2021, 15:26:29

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